Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd: School and Workwear Specialists

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Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd: School and Workwear Specialists


Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd, work- and school-wear specialists.



Situated in Newcastle, Michael Sehgal & sons supply work- and school-wear to the North East of the UK.



Michael Sehgal contacted POSable for a fast, easy to use POS system that could handle a vast amount of stock efficiently and easily. This company also wanted to be able to print their own barcode labels to help them manage and categorise their specialist stock. After careful consultation, we were able to match their needs to the Vend system. Vend has integrated barcode printing capabilities, as well as advanced stock management for a retail establishment such as this, which was perfect for their needs. Our specialist team of engineers attended site to install two registers for this business, we used Star TSP 654 printers and Space Pole X-Frames to complete the installation. As part of the set-up process we uploaded and configured their product menu, ensuring each was categorised and laid out in the most relevant and easy-to-use format. Our advanced, specialist training then enabled the team to understand the full process from day one, leaving them to barcode their remaining products with ease.


Working with Michael Sehgal & Sons gave us great isight into the complexity of the specialist work- and school-wear industry. Their EPOS System needed to function at speed and with amazing efficiency and user experience. Their new Vend system handles 100’s of transactions an hour, complex stocking, integrated barcoding and advanced inventory management, streamlining their business as a whole and making their day-to-day job much simpler!


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