Draytek 2760N


The Vigor 2670 is a business grade router, ideal for running your EPOS system on and approved for use with any of POSable’s systems.


This model of router has built in antennae and is suited to smaller businesses which do not require multiple wi-fi access points.


Routers that are provided as standard by your ISP may experience issues in busy environments or when they lose connection to the local exchange.


We recommend that customers use a business grade router like this one in order to ensure that thier wireless networks are operating reliably and to full capacity.


The Vigor 2760 series can be used to replace your existing BT hub or modem or alternatively connect to an Ethernet Internet connection, such as that from a cable modem (e.g. Virgin Media) instead of connecting to a ADSL/VDSL line.


Compatible 3G/4G (LTE) modems can optionally be plugged into the USB port of this router to provide backup or main Internet connectivity without any fixed line (3G dongle, data plan and router configuration required).


The Vigor 2760 is compatible with Ubiquity access points for businesses requiring increased coverage.

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