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Point of Sale
Kounta Just Works. On Anything

Kounta will run on Macs and iOS devices, as well as PCs, Albert, Android and even legacy POS equipment. It also supports a wide array of printers, barcode scanners, credit card swipers, PIN pads, and cash drawers.

Lightning Fast, keep your lines moving

Kounta works fast, and is responsive to your input. Beyond its efficient code, Kounta’s intuitive design makes using it quick and efficient, minimising “user latency.”

Online Or Offline, keep selling

If your internet connection goes down, Kounta keeps right on going without a hitch. You can keep selling, and when you’re back online your data’s synced back to the cloud.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

With access to reporting, analytics, and, well, all your data in Kounta available from a web browser, shop owners will never be caught unaware again.

All Your Data In One Place

Your inventory, menus, customers, employees, vendors, and purchases are all stored and tracked in Kounta. And because your data lives in the cloud, we take care of security and backups.

Custom Email Or Printed Receipts

You can print or email—or print and email—customised receipts with your store name, URL, phone #, hours, and whatever else you want to put your unique stamp on it.

Fast Button – Fast Sales

One action finalises a sale, pops the cash drawer and prints receipts. Keep the line moving and your customers happy.


You’re not just limited to cash and credit cards with Kounta. Set up custom payment types like cheques, gold coins, mobile payments, IOUs, or anything else of value.


Entering discounts—by percentage or pound amount, per item or the entire order—is easy, intuitive, and quick.


Accept two or more payment types and easily accommodate couples on a Tinder date going splitsies.

Account Sales

Create customer accounts and keep a running balance. And Kounta plays real nice with popular account platforms like MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks and Saasu.

Card payments

Choose integrated or non-integrated card processors to take card payments with Kounta quickly and easily.

Store Management

View past, current, and future orders made in any of your stores or online. Search by customer, date, product, or order number.

Daily Totals

Achieve balance by easily tracking your daily totals for every payment type.


Refund past orders as store credit, gift cards, or the customer’s original payment method.

Staff Accounts

With multiple user accounts, each with a secure PIN, you’ll be able to see who’s doing what in your store.

Cash In / Cash Out

Enter your float and manage cash adjustments throughout the day and stay on top of what’s in your cash drawer.

Multi Site

Use Kounta's multi-site functionality to set up and manage your different sites. See consolidated reports or split by site.

manage from anywhere

Easily add, edit, and remove products. Assign images, colours, and item-specific taxes and stock level.

Option Sets

Option Sets let you group your products in various ways to form new products, like modifiers, upsells, deals and gift packs. Coming soon.


Define drink portions such as pint and half pint for quick, easy service, with support for unlimited types of variants per product.


Import existing barcodes or quickly create your own. Support for handheld and Bluetooth scanners simplifies adding products to sales and doing stock-takes.


Perfect for foodservice, components allow you to track items by ingredient and quantify it, like a glass of wine, or even a recipe for Nachos. Make product bundles/gift baskets and track each item individually.

Bulk Import And Export

Use our product import template to build your product catalogue in one broad stroke. Migrate from your existing point-of-sale, the one that’s got you so fed up you’re here looking for a change.

Manage Customer Relationships

Build and manage customer lists, track the complete purchase history of any customer and send targeted offers. Export your customer lists with account balances to your accounting software, email addresses to your marketing.


Reward your customers’ loyalty and win their repeat business when you integrate with a loyalty add-on like Collect Rewards. It’s flexible, easy for customers to join, completely managed by you and works seamlessly with Kounta.

Create And Sync Customers

Bulk import from CSV or add new customers right at the point-of-sale. Add tags, email addresses, social media accounts, phone numbers, and more. Send email receipts automatically, and sync your customers with any Kounta add-ons.

Email Marketing

Use customer email addresses with services like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor to stay in touch with your customers or run promotions.

Price Lists

Set up promotions and pre-defined price adjustments or create sale price lists and activate them based on date and time triggers.

Customer purchase history

Customer transactions are saved to their profile where you can view their purchase history, loyalty and account balances.

See The Bigger Picture

Get instant snapshots of what’s going on in any one of your stores, or see all stores aggregated into a single report. Real time views of your sales history, customers, and popular products, accessible anytime and from anywhere.

Real Time Stock Data

Stock on-hand and product level sales reports are fed real-time data; identifying popular items and alerting you to low stock levels. You’ll make better informed and more timely decisions to build a better business.

All The Numbers You Need

Kounta comes preloaded with contextual reports to make sense of all your sales totals, costs, customers—any facet of your business. You can also export your sales history, right down to items and payments types.

Export Reports

We included a tool that exports your reports to share with your bookkeeper or accountant. You can also export into spreadsheets and other reporting tools to get the Business Intelligence that’s right for you.

Sales Targets

Use Kounta to set goals for your staff and then track their progress right from your dashboard.

Kounta Insights

Go beyond simple reporting with our real-time analytics platform, powered by industry specific reports and ad-hoc queries alike. Kounta Insights lets you dive deep in to your data, helps you make more informed business decisions.

Add - Ons
Make Kounta do More

Kounta integrates with a multitude of add-ons to help you streamline your operations and run your entire business online.


Sync your store data with Xero or Quickbooks Online to make for a happy life and a happy accountant.


Schedule appointments for your customers with Timely or manage your staff schedule conveniently with Deputy.


Keep in touch with every customer effortlessly and connect Kounta with your favourite email marketing tool via MailSync.

Mobile Ordering

Enable your customers to place an order for delivery or pickup quickly and easily online with Bopple.


Kounta are always adding new partners to help expand your business potential. It’s just one of the great things about the cloud.

Table Management
Tables Status Colours

Your tables will dynamically change colours telling you and your staff if a table is in need of attention, has just requested the bill, has just arrived and more.

Drag-And-Drop Layout Creation

Easily replicate your dining room layout with swipes of your finger. A custom table number for each location keeps everyone on the same page.

Sync Across All Your Registers

Create the layout just once, and then push it out to all your devices. All orders in the system are attached to a table, which everyone can see, eliminating confusion and errors.

Dynamic List View

Sort your tables in a list view by spend, covers, time since approached and more, giving your guest relations manager and floor staff the information they need to be most effective.

Cover Tracking

Track how many guest you serve and report on your findings.

Beautiful Layout Options

Use trees, floor colours and textures, chairs, walls, windows and more to make your Kounta as beautiful as your restaurant. You can even build and name multiple layouts for different floors or different function layouts.

Multi - Outlet
Central Products

With Kounta, all items, descriptions, and barcodes are managed centrally, with pricing, tax, and availability set on a per-site basis.

Allocate Staff

Staff accounts are controlled centrally and can be applied to a site in seconds, with their permissions automatically following to the new location.

Simple Site Creation

Spin up a new location in minutes, complete with staff, products, inventory levels, pricing and taxes.

Multi Site Reporting

See consolidated reporting in real time, down to the product, employees & customers. Run reports on a group of locations, a specific site, or a single register. And do all of this from anywhere in the world.

Recipe creation
Simplify Inventory Management

Your menu items can be stored as a list of ingredients at specific quantities. Ordering triggers each of these ingredients to be deducted from existing inventory in the appropriate quantities.

Purchasing Formats

You may sell a bottle of wine, but you usually buy it in cases of 12. Define this at the purchase level, and Kounta does the math for the costs on each bottle you sell.

Know What You’re Spending

Kounta also calculates the precise cost of goods sold for each item according to quantity, generating detailed and informative reports, and helping you to understand what you should be charging.

Works With Item Variants, Too

Define the difference between small, medium, and large and easily compare costs and profits between each.

Modifiers and Option Sets
Popup Modifiers

Prevent your staff from forgetting to ask the right questions. Set up modifiers so they have to choose between Rare, Medium, or Well Done before moving on to the next item.

Option Sets

Take presets modifiers to the next level, by labeling multiple options into a single group. Create a group called Burger Mods, for example, and rather than add in the same 10 options each time you add a burger to the menu, select the one set and be done.

Custom Modifiers

Leave you prepared for your pickiest customers. Type in any modification, along with an associated cost, at the time of the order for the on-the-spot changes.

Preset Modifiers

Make ringing up the most common requests easy. One tap is all it takes to add extra cheese, avocado, and £2 to the cost of the item.


Sell Package


  • Single outlet
  • Basic sales, inventory, integration and stock functionality
  • 24/7 email support

Manage Package


  • Single outlet
  • 2 terminals
  • Advanced sales, inventory, integration and stock functionality
  • 24/7 email support

Extend Package


  • Single outlet
  • 3 terminals
  • Advanced sales, inventory, integration and stock functionality
  • 24/7 email support

Additional Terminals


Additional terminals can be added to the ‘Extend’ package for outlets with more than 3 terminals.

All prices quoted are charged at the current USD to GBP conversion rate, as governed by Kounta and are therefore, subject to fluctuation.

Shop Now

We have all the hardware you need to get your POS System up and running, you can also buy essential consumables such as thermal paper roll directly from us.

Implementation Services

POSable don’t just sell hardware and software we will help your new EPOS system system installed, train you and your staff and connect it to the available interrogations such as Xero, Deputy and many more.


Order POS hardware for speedy delivery with POSable and configure your system to your requirements yourself. Using the handy online training tools to get selling straight away.



Speedy Setup

Adding your products can be time consuming and confusing, we take the stress out of this by configuring all your products and adding variants, modifiers and options sets for you. We will also set up your account and pre-configure all hardware to the optimum settings, meaning once you receive it you can just plug it in and start selling right away!



Enterprise Level

Need a bit more help and advice on your large system setup? We can guide you through everything from the type of network you will be needing to time and money saving tips for staff management, process management and reporting. If you have a large or complex business, our bespoke package could be right for you!