NYC Bar and Grill: Restaurant

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NYC Bar and Grill: Restaurant


NYC Bar and Grill is an authentic American-style restaurant. They pride themselves on great food and great service so needed a slick and efficient till system, which would help them reach their service goals.



NYC Bar and Grill have two restaurant locations, one in Bawtry and another in Doncaster, both buildings are lively, colourful and in keeping with the gimic-free American theme.



POSable were approached by NYC Bar and Grill to set up their network and till system before the opening of their first store in Bawtry. The team specifically wanted advanced stock management and the ability to take table orders quickly and efficiently. For this, we suggested the intelligentpos software, which is great for table service restaurants. As well as the full building networking and till installation with training, we also helped NYC get connected with iZettle integration, enabling the restaurant to take integrated card payments quickly and easily.

After the success of their first restaurant, NYC Bar and Grill contacted POSable again to handle their technology requirements at their second site in Doncaster as well.


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